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 Marine Survey Agreement information    


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Latitude Marine Inc. uses an  Agreement to Perform A Limited Marine Survey form that consists of three pages that will be emailed as a .pdf to the client prior to the commencement of the marine survey. This form helps us by recording contact numbers and other important vessel information.  The form will also outline the scope of the marine survey and serves as a contract or work order and vessel boarding agreement for the surveyor.


Some of information we ask for on the Agreement to Perform A Limited Marine Survey form is included for your review below. 

We will fill most of this out when we speak to you on the telephone.



This is some of the information we will need for the agreement:


Survey Ordered by:        ______________________

Owner of Vessel             ______________________

Owner Street                 ______________________

Owner City                    ______________________

Owner Phone                 _______________________

Vessel Location             _______________________

Vessel Address              _______________________

Vessel City                    _______________________

Vessel Contact              _______________________

Vessel Phone                _______________________

Is the vessel             Afloat?    ___      Hauled? ___

                               On Trailer? ___   On Lift? ___

Vessel Make                  ______________________

Vessel Model                 ______________________

Vessel Year                   ______________________

Vessel Name                 ______________________

HIN #                           ______________________

Documentation #          ______________________

Registration #              ______________________                       

Intended Use:    Recreational _____        Commercial _____ 

Intended Cruising Area:   Inland Lakes _____  

           Intra-coastal and near shore _____   Offshore _____