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  Marine Pre-Survey Checklist (for your information)

  1.   Date and Time agreed with Marine Surveyor

  2.   Location of Survey is known

  3.   Permission from owner to conduct marine survey                        

  4.   Boatyard notified of surveyor's name and time of visit                                             

  5.   Hauling of the vessel or yacht arranged                                         

  6.   DC power available (batteries are charged)     

  7.   AC power available
  8.   Electronics installed (depth sounder, chart plotter, VHF radio etc.)
  9.   Engines ready (Do not warm up the engines prior to the survey)
  10.   Water system ready
  11.   Water on board - fill tanks
  12.   Toilets ready
  13.   Bilges clean/dry
  14.   All canvas covers removed
  15.   Lockers clear of gear
  16.   Safety systems operable
  17.   Life jackets and throwable cushion on board
  18.   Sound signaling devices on board
  19.   Visual distress signals on board and up to date
  20.   Fire extinguishers in order
  21.   Anchor and rode on board
  22.   Compass operable
  23.   Bilge pumps operational
  24.   Navigation lights operational
  25.   Captain secured for the Sea Trial


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