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Marine Surveyor Costs and Fees                                                                


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Fees will vary according to the complexity, location, age and accessibility of the vessel.


Generally the following rates apply (2016):


   Pre-Purchase Marine Survey:    $18 to $22 per foot depending on the vessel
   Insurance/Financial (Condition and Value) Marine Survey:    $15 per foot
   Note: Reasonable travel charges may be applicable for certain locations.
   Note: Vessels over 10 years old, live aboard vessels or vessels in poor condition will require additional charges.

Fees are payable in full prior to commencement of marine survey. 


Fees for Additional Services (2016): (please arrange in advance)


   Oil samples taken, lab report forwarded:  $45 per sample
   Inspections and vessel revisit:  $100 per hour
   Boat systems and operation, electronics and navigation instruction:  $75 per hour

   Compression check:  Will arrange with mechanic

   VHF Radio SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) and Power Output Check: $25 per radio

   Zincs and and Metallic underwater fittings corrosion check: $75 per hour

   Lead Acid Battery Specific Gravity check:  $15 per battery if already  on site

   Marine Corrosion Survey of the vessel:  per quote

   Drafting of a custom Vessel Maintenance Plan:  per quote

   Yacht Management including visits and log-book recording:  per quote

   Yacht Project Management:  per quote

   Refit - Repair - New Build  Yacht Project Management:  per quote


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