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Marine Surveyor Boating Books                                                   


Here are some useful Boating Books related to boat buying, systems and design.


These books are provided for reference only and the reader should determine the validity of content.




General Boating and Seamanship Books


Chapman Piloting and Seamanship, Jonathan Eaton, The Annapolis Book of Seamanship, John Rousmaniere, How to Read a Nautical Chart, Nigel Calder, Navigation Rules, U.S. Coast Guard, The One Minute Guide to The Nautical Rules of the Road, Charlie Wing, Boating Skills and Seamanship, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, Confident Powerboating, Stu Reininger


Powerboat Buying Books


PowerBoat Guide, Ed McKnew, Sorensen's Guide to Powerboats, Eric Sorensen, Boating Magazine's Insider's Guide to buying, Robert Lamy, Stapleton's Powerboat Bible, Sid Stapleton, Voyaging under Power, Robert Beebe, James Leishman, The Troller Yacht Book, George Buehler, Trailerboat Guide, Ed McKnew, Boating for Less, Steve Henkel


Sailboat Buying Books


Mauch's Sailboat Guide, Jan Mauch, Practical Boat Buying, Practical Sailor, Used Boat Notebook, John Kretschmer, Twenty Small Sailboats, John Vigor, Twenty Affordable Sailboats to Take you Anywhere, Greg Nestor, The Complete Guide to Choosing a Cruising Sailboat, Roger Marshall, A Field Guide to Sailboats, Richard Sherwood, Your First Sailboat, Daniel Spurr, Boatwatch, Max Averitt



Boat Repair and Boat Systems Books


Boat Fiberglass Repair

The Fiberglass Boat Repair manual, Allan Vaitses, Osmosis and Glassfibre Yacht construction, Tony Staton-Bevan, Sailboat Hull and Deck Repair, Don Casey, Covering Wooden Boats with Fiberglass, Allan Vaitses, Fiberglass Repair, Zora Aiken, Fiberglass Boat Repairs Illustrated, Rodger Marshall, Fiberglass Boats Hugo Du Plessis, Fiberglass Boatbuilding for Amateurs, Ken Hankinson


Boat Electrical Systems

Boatowner's Mechanical and Electrical, Nigel Calder, Sailboat Electrics Simplified, Don Casey, The 12-Volt Bible for boats, Miner Brotherton, Boatowner's Illustrated Electrical Handbook, Charlie Wing, Powerboater's Guide to Electrical Systems, Edwin Sherman, Advanced Marine Electrics, Edwin Sherman


Boating Systems, Corrosion and Interior Joinery

The Propeller Handbook, Dave Gerr,  How Boat Things Work, Charlie Wing, This Old Boat, Don Casey, Don Casey's Complete Illustrated Sailboat, Don Casey, Boat Mechanical Systems Handbook, Dave Gerr, The Boatowner's Guide to Corrosion, Everett Collier, Boat Joinery and Cabinet Making, Fed B. Bingham, Boat Interior Construction, Michael Naujok, Upgrading Your Boat's Interior, Mike Weston


Boating General Maintenance

Boat Maintenence: The Essential Guide to Cleaning, Painting and Cosmetics, William Burr, Boat Cleaning and Detailig, Natlie Sears, Get Rid of Boat Odors, Peggie Hall, Painting and Varnishing, Peter Spectre, Good Boat Keeping, Zora Aiken


Boat and Marine Engine Troubleshooting and Repair

Marine Diesel Engines, Nigel Calder, Troubleshooting Marine Diesels, Peter Compton, Troubleshooting and Repair of Diesel engines, Paul Dempsey, Know Your Boat's Diesel Engine, Andrew Simpson, Diesel Engines, Leo Block, Mercruiser Stern Drives, Cylmer, Outboard Engines, Edwin Sherman, Yamaha, Mercury & Mariner Outboards, Seloc Complete Guide to Gasoline Marine Engines, John Fleming, Troubleshooting Gasoline Marine Engines, John Fleming, Small Block Chevy Marine Performance, Dennis Moore, Big Block Chevy Marine Performance, Dennis Moore


Sailboat Rigging, Sails and Canvas

The Complete Rigger's Apprentice, Brion Toss, Sailmaker's Apprentice, Emiliano Marino, The Complete Canvasworker's Guide, Jim Grant, Canvas and Sail Repair, Don Casey, The Big Book of Boat Canvas, Karen Lipe, Understanding Rigs and Rigging, Ted Brewer


Boat and Yacht Design

Desirable and Undesirable Characteristics of Offshore Yachts, John Rousmaniere, Understanding Boat Design, Ted Brewer, Boat building, Boatbuilding, Chapelle, Boat Data Book, Ian Nicolson,  The Nature of Boats, Dave Gerr, Cruising Designs, Jay Benford, Principles of Yacht Design, Lars Larsson, Yacht Design Explained, Doug Hunter, Cruising Sailboat Kinetics, Danny Greene, Elements of Yacht Design, Norman Skene, Yacht Design According to Perry My Boats and What Shaped Them, Robert Perry


HAM Radio License, Radio Communications and RADAR

HAM Radio License, ARRL, Ham Radio Study Guide, The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual, Electronic Communication, Robert Shrader, The Radar Book, Kevin Monahan